As a life coach, I have systems and methodologies to assist you in clearly defining goals, paths to achieving the goals, and how to have a lot of fun in the process! The goals will not only be financial or career, but spiritual, emotional, physical, and even relationship in nature, so we will touch every aspect of your life! When we understand the needs of all human beings, and how we can help meet each others’ needs and recognize how others want their needs met, you can’t believe the transformation that can occur in just a short amount of time! Mastering communication is of course, paramount to changing or enhancing any relationship, so we will go into great detail on that topic!!


Strategic Success Coaching topics and goals

  • Finding core strengths
  • Understanding & changing key decisions from the past
  • Becoming resourceful in the face of major life-changing events
  • Stepping up to new unfamiliar challenges
  • Dealing with difficult money and organizational issues
  • Breaking through patterns of ineffective communication
  • Effectively focusing on attaining goals
  • Turning around problem areas in life
  • Optimizing deep life values and priorities

Strategic Life Planning

  • Controlling and transforming emotions
  • Overcoming personal blocks
  • Accessing your true peak state
  • Overcoming insecurities and self-criticism
  • Harnessing inner power
  • Eliciting true commitment
  • Transforming negative thoughts into positive instincts
  • Breaking from self-limiting behaviors

Transforming Relationships

  • Understanding a partners needs
  • Overcoming marital dilemmas
  • Singlehandedly transforming difficult relationships
  • Overcoming resentments from the past
  • Rebuilding trust and sparking passion
  • Breaking through sexual inhibitions
  • Rekindling physical intimacy with a partner
  • Recovering from infidelity

Finding Marital Passion

  • Relationship Education:The Skills and Disciplines of Successful Relationship
  • The Older couple:Revitalizing Relationships (Passion and Presence)
  • Overcoming Shyness: Exploring the Dark side of passion
  • Find Your True Passion: The Power of Honesty in Action
  • Overcoming Abuse, Internal Conflict, Determination, Resolution

Resiliency In Crisis/Overcoming Grief

  • Reconnecting with Loss: Overcoming Grief
  • Overcoming Blame: Overcoming the Loss of a Child

Advanced Negotiation Skills

  • Creating Lasting Change: The Seven Steps to Maximum Impact
  • Indirect Negotiation-Negotiating Conflict: Leadership Times of Crisis

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