How Do You Come Back to Love?

When Love Just Isn’t Enough to keep a couple together, it is usually devastating to at least one of the partners.  Today I heard the news of a couple calling it quits after a 2+year relationship, and I have to say, I am heartbroken.  They are very young, they are both growing emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, and I feel like there is still hope.  They do not want to be apart.  They love each other.  They are trying to navigate very choppy waters as they try to discover who they are as individuals, members of their families, community, and society at large.  They have hopes, dreams, aspirations, and raging hormones.

When we start to pull away from someone we love, it is usually for one reason…we don’t like the way we feel when we are with them anymore.  Does that mean they have changed or have you?  Do you still love them?  Do they still love you?  Do you treat them differently because you now filter everything they say or do through past experiences?  This is a common mistake that can have devastating consequences.  When we have been with someone for a while, we tend to anticipate what they will say, what they will do, how they will react.

We are all growing and evolving every single day.   The way we perceive something today may not be the way we perceived it 3 years ago or how we will perceive it 3 years from now, or even a week from now.  Learning to take every new communication, new situation, new challenge for just that-a NEW communication, situation, or challenge allows both partners to grow, evolve and exhibit the new person they are in THIS moment.  This will make love grow!

If you are carrying resentment, distrust, anger, or even disappointment because of PAST actions or non-actions, I implore you to stop it immediately and give yourself the gift of a newfound understanding-a heartfelt understanding of who you are both becoming, love each other, celebrate that, and live in the joy that is the PRESENT!

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When Love Isn't Enough

Be Grateful, Abundant, and Passionate!

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