Hello and happy Hump Day!!  😀  Okay, first of all, it is Nude Recreation Week, so get creative!!  😀  Now that I have your attention, I am writing to ask a question that will hopefully get you to take a virtual thermometer to your relationship.  It is summer outside, what is the temperature of your boudoir?  Is it as hot and steamy as a July day in Savannah or is it more like a cold and windy January day in Chicago?

It is so easy to fall into the “lazy days of summer” even in our relationship.  When the kids are out of school, the hectic morning schedule is a bit more relaxed, and it just seems like everything is on auto-pilot, it can really hit our intimacy in a bad way if we don’t take the temperature once in a while by checking in with our partner.  This should be done weekly, but at the very least bi-weekly.  I call these sessions “State of the Union” meetings, and they involve getting dressed up and going out to your favorite restaurant, having a wonderful, romantic dinner, and discussing how things are going in your relationship in a non-threatening, positive way.

If there have been things said or done since the last meeting that have upset you, these are then brought up in the most loving way that you can, so that they can be discussed and feelings can be made known.  If there are no issues, then you get to move into the fun part–mapping goals for the relationship–this could be a romantic trip you are planning or perhaps a non-profit you want to join together to give back to your community and to help your partnership grow, your intimacy to increase, and your passion skyrocket!! 😉

For more tips and tricks to keep things steamy well into the fall, winter, and spring for all the years ahead, contact us to schedule a consultation where we can identify challenges, strategize positive outcomes, and map out some goals for your Union!  I wish for you a life of Gratitude, Abundance, and Passion!  <3

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