Hello and congratulations on getting to this post!  We are just 5 days from the “day of love”, the most dreaded day for most singles, as well as some married men with no sense of romance or adventure, so I am here to try to lessen your pain.  First of all, if you are one of the single crowd, the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday night this year should actually be a reason to smile!  Can you IMAGINE how busy those fancy, overpriced restaurants and flower shops are going to be this year?!  Sheesh!  Instead, plan a girls night in, watch movies, read gossip columns and spoof the characters, or just do good old-fashioned makeovers over bottle(s) of wine!!  As for you married or in-a-relationship folks, I have some WONDERFUL ideas for you that will show your romantic side, NOT cost you an arm and a leg, AND leave you much less stressed than those poor schmucks waiting to get into the $45 shrimp cocktail, $18 glass of wine restaurants!  😀

To start the festivities, what about creating a “coupon book” just for her?  You can create whatever type of coupons you want since you will be the only eyes seeing them, get as risque as you feel!  Then, think about what her absolute favorite foods are, and learn to cook them…yes you can do it, after all, you cooked for yourself sometime between high school and marriage, didn’t you!?!?  If all else fails, YouTube it!!  😀

Next what about a scavenger hunt leading her throughout the house and yard (maybe even other destinations, depending on your imagination and time) that leads her to either a small (or not so small) box or even just little notes telling her how beautiful she is, and that you wanted this Valentine’s Day to be extra special, so you have a very personalized gift for her (the meal you are preparing).  If you play your cards right, do as much prep as you can beforehand, you will have her melting in your arms before the sun sets!!

To save a TON on the flowers, (and yes, they are ALWAYS a good idea) get a buddy, head down to the flower district in LA, and splurge on some beauties!  Your jaw will drop when you see the difference in price between there and the local shops that charge way more just because of the holiday!

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