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Whether it be a boy/girl  scout troop, a church group, a school affiliated organization, or some other group outside of school, I can come in and talk to kids of almost any age about how to be the very best they can be at everything they do, how they can be winners no matter what, and how they can learn to be grateful, abundant, and excited about every aspect of their lives!

When our youth are giving their all, learning every day, and bringing what they are learning to the world, the world can’t help but be a better place, right??  I will also give them some real world knowledge such as how to manage their money, their time, their mindset, and how to focus on what they want and how to get it!

We can also talk about how to effectively negotiate—even at a young age, by learning effective communication and negotiation, they can go on to be awesome debaters, leaders, and students of life!  Think of how many times in your own household, if your children just knew how to communicate more effectively, and negotiate, how many arguments, fights, and struggles could have been solved WITHOUT bringing it to your immediate attention!!


Effective Parenting and Family Advising

  • Communicating effectively in family settings
  • Integrating a blended family
  • Resolving conflicts between parents
  • Guiding children and young adults effectively including college/life readiness
  • Preventing self destructive behaviors
  • Resolving parent-child conflicts

Resolving Mother-Daughter conflict

  • Solving Reactive Communication: Parenting Your Teenager and Cross Hierarchical Protection
  • Understanding Group Structure: Creating Closeness in Your Family

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